Some of the topics covered:

  • Cravings vs. Hunger

  • Anti-obesity medications

  • Setting realistic goals

What to expect:

  • Regular visits with our team

  • Support throughout the program

  • Creating a plan to maintain weight loss


A word from our therapists—

What makes our program different from other weight loss programs is that we are licensed Washington State medical professionals. We don’t just treat the problem, we treat the cause of the problem, too. It’s essential to our patients’ success and long-term care.
— Bradley Butterfield LMHCA
Every diet produces weight loss, but recent studies show that 98% of dieters regain their weight within five years. At Three Health we work closely with you to create strategies to reach your personal health, fitness, and lifestyle goals AND maintain your success.
— Marlene Sexton

Our Offices

“We offer patient-oriented programs and curriculum for unique results-driven outcomes.”

-Brad Butterfield, LMHCA & Marlene Sexton, LMFT