Do you prescribe medications?

Yes. That’s one of the things that makes Three Health different than other weight loss programs. We’re licensed medical specialists. We can prescribe both appetite suppressants and other medications to help treat medical issues associated with being overweight.

Will my insurance cover Three Health?

We will submit your insurance claims to your insurance company, but what’s covered depends on your specific coverage. Because we are licensed medical specialists, we can submit claims for you which is another thing that sets Three Health apart from commercial weight loss programs.  

How often do you need to come to the Three Health office?

After your free consult and once you decide you want to be a part of the Three Health program, we’ll need to see you in our clinic for your bio-metrics testing, medical tests and medical evaluation. You’ll also have your first visit with your behavioral specialist. From there, all other appointments can be done via telemedicine. Three Health is the only weight loss program to offer the convenience of telemedicine which you can do from your car, home, or anywhere you have a screen.

What kind of medical testing do you do?

We have an InBody machine that gives us all your bio-metrics. These include weight, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, BMI, and lots of other metrics that help us diagnose your weight condition. We’ll also test your blood and urine to learn more about your overall medical condition so we can prescribe the optimal program for your body.

Do I have to see a therapist?

Yes, that's a vital part of the Three Health program. Our vast experience has shown us that there’s way more to weight loss than just losing the weight if you want to keep it off long term. We’re highly trained to identify behaviors which stand in the way of you being successful at reaching your goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle once out of the program. Seeing one of our therapists is the reason we can tell you this will be the last stop in your weight loss struggle. Its’ our holistic treatment that makes our program so effective.

Can anyone sign up for the Three Health program?

We do have an application for membership in the Three Health Medical Weight Loss Solutions program. Our program works best for patients who are serious about losing their weight and keeping it off for a lifetime. While most applicants are accepted, we do occasionally evaluate someone we don’t think would be a good candidate for the Three Health program as our reputation rests on the success of our patients.

Do you have patients that aren’t successful?

If a patient sticks to their individually-prescribed weight loss program, our program works. It’s not a quick fix. Our program lasts much longer than most other weight loss programs. Most patients are with us for 2 years. The cost of our program is far less than most other weight loss programs, yet is far more comprehensive and longer in duration.

How much does the Three Health program cost?

We have several levels of our program. The costs are listed under the Programs/Pricing tab. Unlike other commercial weight loss programs we don’t hide the cost of our program. It’s all transparent. If you compare our pricing to other weight loss programs, you’ll find our comprehensive medically-driven program is far less expensive than programs that offer much less. With our program, you get licensed medical care, a personalized program based on your own body, mind and spirit, and a one or two-year program, not just 10 weeks.

Will my diet be really restrictive?

Most of our patients tell us they don’t feel deprived. That’s another thing that makes Three Health different. Your nutrition plan (we don’t like the word diet) is based on your body, the foods you love, and what we know its going to take for you to reach your goals. You’ll get to eat many foods you love and you might be surprised that butter, cheese, eggs, bacon are part of the deal for most patients.