We know where your supporters live and your saboteurs lurk. We get that you think you know what to do but can’t seem to do it long term. We know it’s easy to blame yourself for failures, and hard to imagine next time will be any different.

We’re quire familiar with the voice in your head that says,
”This isn’t going to work, nothing works, you’ve lost weight before and it always, always comes back.”

More than anything, we know your’e ready to be done with all of this.
Through medical weight loss, nutritional guidance, and behavioral changes, we’ll help you do just that.

“I feel amazing. I look amazing.”

My family and friends all support and love the new me. After losing 70 pounds, I feel so much energy and a desire to continue on this path. Honestly, I was tired of being fat. Brandy’s guidance, my family and friends, and my desire to continue to feel this way are what motivate me.

— Judith K.

“She brought hope to my life.”

Brandy has helped me so much. When I gave up on myself, she brought hope to my life so I could accomplish my goals. I started to see Brandy in September with a weight of 185.2 pounds; now my weight is 147.2 pounds. She helped me have faith in myself—something nobody else was able to give me. She showed me what I should eat and taught me how to track my food. Thank you Brandy, you're the best. Without you I would be lost.

— Karla L.


''Brandy, Brad and Marlene are all wonderful providers!”

Becky E.

"Brandy is an amazing provider! Compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional."

— Amy J.

“I have never felt deprived.”

By no means am I perfect. I have days when I go a little off plan, but now I have the tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without feeling restricted, Brandy has shown me how to still enjoy the foods I love and continue lose or maintain my weight; I can honestly say I have never felt deprived. I have lost 60 pounds and maintained that loss for three years now. I’m proud of how far I have come and am eternally grateful to Brandy, who truly changed my life.

— Alexis M.